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Right way or wrong way!!

Weaning is the process of introducing solid foods into a baby's diet.
It is a gradual process.
By about 6 months, sometimes earlier, your baby will become used to this gentle milestone.  In my opinion food is most importantly given slowly and at your baby's pace.  Start with just plain baby rice.  Just mix up to a loose texture and place towards the lips and allow your baby to lick taste and decide whether she wants to continue.
You will introduce one mealtime to start for a week or so.  You can add different flavours such as carrot, banana, parsnip, apple with the baby rice.  Use one at a time for at least 3 days to allow you the opportunity to observe what they like and whether there are any allergies emerging.  
This process is not a race, it is for your benefit. 
As your baby starts to enjoy the tastes you can introduce another mealtime, eventually increasing to 3 times a day when you are both ready.
To start the food you give should be a smooth pureed texture, slowly increasing to small lumps, mashed, then to chopped by approximately 9 months.
During this process as your baby starts to eat more they will drink less milk.  This can be given in a beaker or you can offer water.  Juices in bottles and beakers can lead to tooth decay, so avoid!
By 1 year your baby should be eating 3 meals a day and bottles/breastfeeds should be near to the end.

For further help and support feel free to contact me.

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