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Grandparents looking after Grandchildren

What do we think about Grandparents looking after Grandchildren?
For some it is wonderful for both the Grandparents and the Grandchildren!
For others it can be a nightmare.
My children spent many a day and night with my lovely parents.
My Dad can get wound up quickly and has a short fuse, but deep down he loves being around my children. 
Who wouldn't, it keeps you young!!
My parents have always followed my way and never have we conflicted that they knew better!!
Maybe because I am a childcare professional. 
I know this is not the case for everyone....
Things change over the years but sometimes the old ways are worth listening too.
You may be the Grandparent but when you agree to help out or babysit, it is paramount that you listen to the parents of your Grandchild, they are the sole carer and may have established a routine to benefit them and their little one.
Parents do take time to listen to the Grandparents they may have something extremely useful to share.
A calm, friendly approach benefits everyone.
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